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I Have Returned to the Website

I have returned to the website Dear Friends, I have had a busy time changing jobs, Studying for my SVQ3 in social & Health Care which was needed to continue my career as Support Worker working with complex needs also I’m studying for my Diploma in Buddhist Studies so now I’m back to write some […]

Twitter Feed & Skype Account

Hi from Dharmapupil, I hope this post finds you well? I have today added a Twitter feed to Dharmapupil weblog and feed name is @dharmapupilmyke I have also added a Skype account to the weblog as well this called dharmapupil108 I hope they add enjoyment of Dharmapupil weblog for you. I wish you a wonderful, peaceful […]

Into the silent part of the Retreat

Into the silent part of the Retreat     Dear Friends, So I’m settling into the retreat now the sleeping pattern is now ok, So I have also got my Meditation posture into place for longer sits so the painful knee joint is very happy With this I also have had some really good focusing […]

Going For Refuge Retreat has Began

Going For Refuge Retreat has Began     Hi from Dharmapupil, The Retreat has started and it is well attended by nearly all the men in Scotland who have asked for Ordination into the Tiratana Order are here that is such outstanding achievement. It is great to see All my brothers in the Dharma again […]

Fragile Human Body

Hi from Dharmapupil, I have over the last month have been to the hospital as I’m a sufferer of Crohns Disease and have been “well” for a while my brain has got use too being “well” deep down my brain and mind knows that I’m not well but doesn’t want to acknowledge that this is the […]

Added Links

Dear Friends, Over the last few days I have links which I think maybe a good resource for information on Buddhism for the newbies to experience Dharma followers, As for my practice it has been very steady and focused on the body and breath also I have been listening to a talk on Free Buddhist […]

Reflection on Poor Conduct

This post is on a real reflection on my conduct towards another person. On my reflection a big question came to me did I feel guilt or remorse after a deep thought it was remorse I was feeling and not so much guilt I think what was said by me was right BUT should be handled […]