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Introduction to Buddhism and Meditation

Introduction to Buddhism and Meditation Thursdays, 6:30pm – 8:30pm, 8 Oct 2015 to 12 Nov 2015 Over 2,500 years ago the Buddha realised Enlightenment and saw deeply into the nature of existence. Teaching from his experience he gave us the means to develop mindfulness, positive emotion and kindness. This course will explore the basic teachings […]

Urgent Please Help the People of Nepal

Hi from Dharmapupil, Urgent Please Help the People of Nepal Urgent help is needed for the people of Nepal to survive and live and Rebuild. Please help in anyway you can give please make a donation to the agency’s links below. www.redcross.org.uk www.dec.org.uk www.oxfam.org.uk www.greentaratrust.com Please remember any donation big or small will save a life […]

How I see my Life as a Jigsaw

Hi from Dharmapupil, How I see my life as a jigsaw I will start with a brief overview of my life as a jigsaw I see the beginning of my life with all the pieces of the puzzle set out all over the place and my Mum and Dad starting to put them together for me then I started […]

A Simple Question to Ask…….

Hi from Dharmapupil, This is the second part of the Friendship post and as I have reflected on this simple question which is can men and women be just be friends? I do find that it is not such an easy question to answer, So I thought I would ask some of my friends what […]

What does Friendship means to me?

Hi from Dharmapupil, Here is two definitions of friendship from the Oxford Dictionary: The emotions or conduct of friends. A state of mutual trust and support between friends. I think these two definitions are good but my personal experience and my way of thinking go’s way deeper than that I believe that my friendships should […]