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Hi my name is Dharmapupil I live in the beautiful and lovely Highlands of Scotland, I have been studying Buddhism for a number of year’s and lived in Buddhist Communities for a few years in Scotland and England. I have studied different Buddhist school’s of practice. I myself practice with a western school called the Triratna Buddhist Community/Order. My teacher is Sangharakshita whom I’m grateful and honoured to be a pupil.

My main meditation practice is Anapanasati Sutra (Mindfulness with Breathing) and Metta Bhavana and Just Sitting practice, I also practice Ritual, Puja and enjoy study retreat’s, solitary retreat’s.

I love reading the Pali Canon, Jataka’s and the writing’s of Sangharakshita, Dr B.R Ambedkar, Ajahn Chah and the poetry of Roykan and many other Buddhist teacher’s and writer’s.

I hope and wish that this Blog will inspire, help and be enjoyed by all.

Best Wishes….



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