Bullying is a milder form of Hatred

Dear Friends,

This new article is about thoughts of hatred and bullying one in the same? Hatred is such a powerful and overwhelming feeling. I think that we can feel hate much easier than love. We really have to work on love.

When I started to write this article last year before I got busy  as the year unfolded we saw around the world the increase of hatred and bullying by various countries and political parties and people.

We saw innocent men,women and children killed in the world because of counties like America and Russia using Syria as a battleground. Also we saw bravely of a little girl who told us of the nightmare she and her family have seen and put through NO child or adult should be subjected to see these horrors and be scared for life.

We as a spieces who think we are above everything and untouchable and destroy everything and everyone around us, is ok to do. NO sorry we have it wrong we are accountable through are Karma it will come back and bite us also the hell realm is waiting for us and this place we don’t want to go.

So hatred & Bullying feeds off are fibre the marrow of are bones we must change this so love can feed off are fibre and are marrow. This is the ONLY way you and I must choose.

Since I started writing this article the world has become more unstable to due to new appointment in various counties. Now America has tried to block people from seven Muslim countries this has inflamed an already fragile world.

At least the American legal system is showing that Trump is wrong and the dream of freedom is still alive and kicking in America, we don’t live in a equal society and to add a culture of hatred is so wrong.

The UK government looks like it seems to be backing Trump up even if the say they’re saying their not, the British government are trying to stop freedom of speech even in the house of commons with the speaker of the house just giving his view suddenly he’s rounded a upon from the government and as I look at it they are bullying him bordering on whipping up hatred.

So what is the answer to hatred loving kindness we must try to be more tolerance and understanding that we are all different but this is ok it makes us and are views interesting we must except that we will always have differing views, idea’s which we must except to agree to disagree without bringing hatred, violence to the discussion.

The Buddha said that the only way to beat hatred is to love, this is the eternal law.

heart love





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