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Buddhism is My Life

Hi from Dharmapupil,

Buddhism is My Life

Buddhism is my life these four words are so real and alive for me, From when Buddhism touched my life so many years ago.

The momentum which built up was so overwhelming and powerful which I can’t put into words, all I know that it was and has changed my life for ever. I have learned so many valuable lessons through the Dharma teaching’s other Sangha (Buddhist Community) friends also through my Meditation practice.

May I also say that my Buddhist life has not always been all sweetness and light it has taken me to some very dark area’s at times but through my Buddhist practice it has taken me through those times and taught me some valuable lessons about my life and how to try improve it for everybody I know of course I do and can make mistakes because I’m human.

Learn through Mistakes

Being honest about your mistakes is must so that you can grow in your spiritual life and life in general, So as you see errors you become more mindful and over a period of time your mindfulness becomes stronger then grows and then helps you to be honest with other people and more important with yourself.

Also it is very important to remember that you are not too hard on yourself during this learning process because naturally you are not being mindful or kind to yourself and not learning by your mistakes.

Going on Retreat 

I think that going on retreat is a real positive step for anyone it gives you and me a real deep dose of strong Buddhist practice like meditation,reflection,dharma study,ritual and more space to breathe, As with most things it can bring up difficult and painful thoughts and insecure but because its in a semi-controlled space it will be easier for you to hold these difficulties.

Solitary Retreat

I find solitary retreat’s have a very powerful impact on you because your on your own they can have real positive effect on me and you it shows you how your practice has grown and good foundations which you have built over a period of time. A flexible timetable is a must if you are new to solitary retreat’s and over time it can become more a more stronger framework. A good meditation practice is a must for this type of retreat and a good ritual practice as well a study maybe of favourite sutra is good for the retreat. Below I have added two links to Retreat centres which have a solitary hut/cabin. 

Dhanakosa has two solitary cabins which are located on Dhanakosa land, The Sheilin is sat on the hill above and away from the Retreat centre and has most things you need for your first solitary retreat. The Bothy is on the snow line in the Glen it is totally basic it has NO modern comfort’s a very serious undertaking to stay there but the rewards are out of this world.

Solitary hut,Dhanakosa,summer time


The Solitary Hut at Dhanakosa.

Can book this Hut for 1 or 2 weeks at a time.

Rivendell has a small chalet set back in a small leafier part of the retreat centre with a part of the wood at the back of the solitary just for you it is also ideal for your first solitary it has all modern things you need also if you are lucky the deer may visit you during your stay.

I have done solitary retreats in both these places above and would highly recommend both of them. Also I lived at Dhanakosa for three years.

Loch Voil,Prayer Flag, Tree

Dhanakosa with Prayer Flags

Meditation Practice is Key

One of the core practice’s of mine and yours should be is a good meditation practice which should be a daily commit even it is for 20 minutes a day is a sound start I see if you have time for social media you and I have time to meditate on average I meditate for between two and three hours per day and longer on my rest days if possible and I’m not saying you have to meditate as long as me but it does become a regular practice you naturally extend the meditation.

A good knowledge of the Mindfulness of Breathing and the Metta Bhavana is a must so I suggest to get to a class near you if this not possible look online there is classes online or look on Fiverr for one to one teaching. If possible think about weekend retreat learning meditation.


Dharmapupil Meditation Group

I run a meditation group on Insight which I set-up for people who don’t live in cities and teach the meditation FREE that right FREE we can also meet on Skype for one to one Meditation which again is totally FREE. The group is free to join.
Final Thoughts

I think my Buddhist Practice has a very strong flavour about it. Its seen me though some very tough times also it has given me more insight to what is good and bad for me. Also when I study the Dharma it makes so much sense to me. The Buddha was right when he said test the Dharma teaching yourself don’t just have blind faith. I have studied one Dharma teaching for over a year and it still opens more and more to me now. I work in the care industry and my Buddhist practice is used there all the time.

In my work it shows me impermanence and how fragile our lives are, Also it shows about are craving and delusion in life itself.

Also I must not forget Reflection this is an important part of Buddhism and life in general it really makes you learn about yourself and your thinking patterns but most important thing is that the emotions that come with deep and meaningful reflection. Clarity and integration of yourself happens.

Peace & Metta



My new Podcast episode will available next Saturday the subject will be on Buddhist Friendship. 









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