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Meditation Timer’s

I thought for this post for you I would have a look at some Meditation timer’s Apps to help you with you’re meditation. If you new to meditation I would always recommend going to meditation classes which can help you in a group setting because you can get answers to your questions. But saying that it may not be possible for you to do this.

Set out your needs

I think you must take a bit of time thinking what your needs are do you need guided meditation, interval bells, large numbers to see the timer,music for meditation,pictures or objects to focus on also you must think do I want a free App or In App purchases, I hope these give you some idea what to think about and maybe your needs.


Meditation Time

Make time to use your shiny new App

So you have now you’re new shiny Meditation App it is a must that you make time to use it have a look good look around your app if you can set up a preset meditation time use it if their is a “Time to Meditate” reminder use it so you get into the rhythm and help you make time for it then soon enough you will it into a regular pattern and over time you will miss meditating if you don’t practice it.

Meditation Timer set up

After installing your meditation timer app setting it up right for you is a must take your time, find the bell you like then are you going to use that bell at the start as interval bell or finishing bell also is you finishing bell going to be one, two or three bells? Next to think about is are you going to presets for meditation so you can go right to the meditation session you would like to use.

Guided Meditation’s on App

Save guided meditations to favorites on your app which ones are you going to save here is some idea’s for you to think about Morning chanting, Evening chanting, Mindfulness of Breathing, Metta Bhavana, Just sitting this is just a few of hundreds out there. Word of caution if new to meditation start with Mindfulness of Breathing get that right then move onto the Metta Bhavana these two meditations are the foundations of Buddhist Meditation practice. On the Apps out there is guided meditations by some of the world’s best meditation teacher’s search them out they won’t disappoint you.

Buddha, Statue, Rupa


Final Conclusion

So in conclusion I have made this post simple so you don’t get bogged down in technical jargon also I have made sure that I haven’t promoted a particle meditation timer app. Because these apps can be on your phone or tablet you can use them to and from work at lunchtime or anytime where you will get maximum benefit from your meditation practice also I know this may be radical what about not doing the social pages bit and do meditation instead?

I hope and wish this helps you in some small way to choosing your meditation timer app then if that one doesn’t suit go to the next, shop around there is hundreds out there to choose from. Go on get a meditation app today it may change your thinking today. I have listed below some meditation timer apps to have a brows they are in no particle order just as I think about them.


I haven’t been approached or been given any incentives to include anybody’s Meditation Timer App.

App Name     Android/iPhone

Buddhify                Yes

Omvana                  Yes

Headspace              Yes

Calm                        Yes

Insight Timer         Yes

Meditate                  Android only

Relax Melodies       Yes

The Mindfulness App  Yes

Meditation Timer Pro   Yes

Buddhist Meditation Trainer   Yes

8 min Meditation         Android only

Walking Meditations   Android only

Peace Starter Meditation  Android only

Thank you for reading this article if you enjoyed it let me know send it to your friends also if you would like some more advice let me know. All my advice is free that’s right all FREE.

Peace & Metta











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