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Thai Buddhism Needs Help Update

Hi from Dharmapupil,

Thai Buddhism Needs Help Update

So I thought you would like an update on Thai Buddhism which is being reported in Thailand at the moment. There has been a report that the Office of the Ombudsman will ask the Prime Minister and the National Council for Peace and Order to set up a committee to investigate Phra Dhammachayo.

Could Phra Dhammachayo be Defrocked?

If the committee is set up it will look into controversial Abbot of Wat Dhammakaya to defrock him due gross misconduct which was suggested by the late Supreme Patriarch in 2552/2009. Also Phra Buddha Issara has welcomed this inquiry with guarded caution and also asked why the former attorney-general and the former director-general of Religious Affairs department took NO action to comply with late supreme patriarch’s directive. It could a long drawn out process as it seems both party’s are arguing can the case be opened or a new one needs to submitted if latter is chosen this could and damage reputation of Thai Buddhism further.

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Future Unknown

The future reputation of Thai Buddhism is paramount in this case and many others that maybe discovered in the future. The Supreme Sangha Council needs to work with Office of Ombudsman and National Council Peace and Order to ensure if any more cases come to light that the Abbot of the Wat or the Monk is suspended right away under that they are Innocent under till proved Guilty. This idea maybe help but is not a full solution. Thai Buddhism is under such pressure that the rifts within the Sangha Community and the Buddhist religious circle could happen.


A Pivotal Point?

Is this a pivotal point in Thai Buddhism YES it is one of many challenges that it will face in the now and the future so as a followers of Thai Buddhism and other School’s of Buddhism in general we must stand together as a World Sangha to help in anyway we can. How ever small or large as the world sangha we must help it is are duty.

Because we as the world sangha and we practice the Precepts we have that moral,ethical duty to help. There is a feeling in different quarter’s that is very mixed indeed some say it will be sham result and no change will happen also a few commentators feel that this a is pivotal point and change will have to happen.

As you read this post what is your feeling? Is it I don’t know how to help or I can help Thai Buddhism through this very difficult and sad times I hope the latter is the one you pick.

Final Thoughts 

This could be a defining moment in Thai Buddhism which you as Lay person/Buddhist can make a different, you must keep an open mind with Kindness, gentleness and moral strength to help.

News Just In!!!!!!

The Thai Prime Minister has said he will seek advice on opening the case against Phra Dhammachayo, a quick reply was from Phra Buddha Issara that the Prime Minister does not need advice as he has the power within his office to do this time will tell? 

As I said in the last post on this subject this is NOT an attack on Thai Buddhism it just brings the subject out into open to be discussed you must not be afraid to talk about openly.

Thank you for taking the time to read this post also please send your comments they are much welcomed.

Peace & Metta






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