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New Designed Weblog

Hi from Dharmapupil, I have redesigned my weblog which I hope you will enjoy the new design please let me what you think also if you any ideas you would like me to try let me I really want you to enjoy the weblog and your input will be greatly appreciated and will improve your experience […]

Lay Buddhist Followers Precept 5

Hi from Dharmapupil,  Lay Buddhist Followers Precept 5 This is the last instalment of lay Buddhist followers precepts which is not clouding the mind. Abstain from taking Drugs & Alcohol All these precepts so far have been linked and this one is no different it brings in the speech precept really into play because when you […]

Buddhist Lay Followers Precept 4

Hi from Dharmapupil, Buddhist Lay Followers Precept 4 This the next instalment about Buddhist lay followers precepts  which called refrain from untruth or lying. I think that this precept is so difficult  because speech can be so misunderstood and without full mindfulness your speech can very quickly turn into an lie or untruth without thinking. I’m […]

Buddhist Lay Followers Precept 3

Hello from Dharmapupil, This is the third part of the Precepts and is called Buddhist Lay Followers Precept 3 which is. Abstain from Sexual Misconduct So with this precept we must take into account that Moral Standards are different around the world, but misconduct is still misconduct so I will name some of the things which are […]