How I see my Life as a Jigsaw

Hi from Dharmapupil, How I see my life as a jigsaw I will start with a brief overview of my life as a jigsaw I see the beginning of my life with all the pieces of the puzzle set out all over the place and my Mum and Dad starting to put them together for me then I started […]

Roykan and Han Shan and their Poetry

Hi Friends, I would like to share with you my delight of Roykan and Han Shan and their poetry I hope you enjoy the poems so I will let them speak for themselves. Bamboo Forest by Rekishi no Tabi My Cracked Wooden Bowl by Roykan This treasure was discovered in a bamboo ticket I washed the bowl in a spring and […]

White Tara

Hi from Dharmapupil, I would like to share my love of White Tara as a devotee and hope that you enjoy what I have to say on White Tara and I also devote a monthly Puja to her. White Tara by Emptiness0 So I like to share with you some things about the Thanka above […]

Mindfulness with Breathing

  Hi from Dharmapupil, So I would like to share with you a book called Mindfulness with Breathing by Bhikkhu Buddhadasa this is my personal view of the book and it is by my Shrine at all times and is essential reading for my Buddhist Meditation practice it is so well written and just gives you loads of support and […]

How To Befriend the Dharma Sutra’s

Hi from Dharmapupil, How to befriend the Dharma sutra’s it is such a joy for me, I just open the Pali Canon stop at something that catch’s my eye and start enjoying what will open up to me. My heart open’s up and happiness and Metta just seem to flow through me at the thought […]