Into the silent part of the Retreat

Into the silent part of the Retreat     Dear Friends, So I’m settling into the retreat now the sleeping pattern is now ok, So I have also got my Meditation posture into place for longer sits so the painful knee joint is very happy With this I also have had some really good focusing […]

Going For Refuge Retreat has Began

Going For Refuge Retreat has Began     Hi from Dharmapupil, The Retreat has started and it is well attended by nearly all the men in Scotland who have asked for Ordination into the Tiratana Order are here that is such outstanding achievement. It is great to see All my brothers in the Dharma again […]

On my way to the Retreat

Dear Friends, I left today for the retreat starting on Friday I have just arrived in Edinburgh after a coach trip though a snow storm and heavy rain and strong winds. I’m thinking of writing a couple of posts during the retreat and then when we go into silent over the retreat I will stop the […]

Studying for my next Retreat

Hello from Dharmapupil, I’m in the middle of studying for my next retreat the subject is the ten precepts which are practiced before and taken up a upon Ordination into the Triratna Order I have been on retreat like this before and have found it very deep and moving retreat experience in my heart I […]